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Kimchi dipped in the finest korea cabbage grown in a clean area of Gangwon-do

Agricultural corporation

Daega food

Founded in 1998, our agricultural company corporation Daega Foods Co., Ltd.
We have been in charge of the OEM of various foodstuffs. We have long tradition and know-how.
We provide the best quality kimchi through strict facility management.

Daega food

Our agricultural company corporation Daega food Co., Ltd. place "Yeongwol", "Jeongseon", "Pyeongchang" Is the main Plantation of korea cabbage and is shipped from June to October.

Especially summer “Highland cabbage”is produced only in Gangwon province all over the country and cost competitiveness than other companies in the region, the quality of cabbage in the best climate conditions and clean areas So it is the best region for companies producing "kimchi".